What is RNG and how does it works at online casinos?

Hi, in this article we are going to talk about Random Number Generator that controls random outcomes at legit real money games.

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  • What is random number generator (RNG)?
  • How does it work at New Zealand online casino games?
  • How to know that games are not rigged?

You might have probably heard the narrative that online gambling is legit since the games are random. Well, this is quite laughable since the games are not as “random” as claimed. 

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But hey! Don’t get it twisted. This is not to mean that online casino games are not fair. Neither do we imply that the gaming platforms alter the results. At least not most of them.

There have been misunderstandings about what random number generators (RNG) really are. This does not come as a surprise since the topic is technical and complex. But understanding the basics can go a long way in expounding on this topic. 

 So let us start with the basics: 

What is RNG?

RNG or random number generator is a computer program designed to produce results at what may seem like random intervals. The program uses complex mechanisms using the MD5 algorithm to monitor the performance of board games and digital slots.

The RNG that casinos mostly use is known as the pseudo-random number generator. This is preferred because the casinos do not need to incorporate an external input (data or numbers) to have output. They only need a seed number and an algorithm. 

infographic on how RNG works at online pokies
How the RNG works?

Ideally, results are produced every millisecond, and this is achieved by using the last or two numbers generated and with the incorporation of a mathematical formula, they can create a new ‘random’ number. 

Do you see the reason why it is a ‘random’ outcome? 

Yes, the outcomes aren’t genuinely random, which is the reason why RNGs are hackable

How the RNG works at online casinos? 

Since online casinos use virtual games, they have to use RNG. Even land-based casinos use them for certain games.

Online casinos use this to determine the value of a symbol on a reel. 

Let’s take a scenario of a 5-reel slot machine that has 12 symbols on each reel.

In this case, the RNG will develop a value of 1 to 12 for every 5 reels. This means that we will have an outcome of 5 different symbols.

Hence we will have 5’random’ symbols creating a win!

Types of RNG

There are only two types of RNG

  • Hardware Random Number Generator (HRNG)
  • Pseudorandom Number Generator (PRNG)

Hardware Random Number Generator (HRNG)

Unlike the PRNG, which uses a mathematical formula, the HRNG is an external device that is connected to a casino’s server USB port.

It produces random numbers using compound values at a starting point. Although there are various starting points that can be used, they are all unpredictable.

These are mainly used in arcades and land-based casinos

Pseudorandom Number Generator (PRNG)

This program code uses mathematical algorithms depending on how the developer sets it. The algorithm continuously runs to produce the next result. When you start the game, you might have a strategy to win, but the results are already predetermined even before you launch the reel.

Can you hack RNG?

Theoretically yes! It is possible to hack RNG, but it may take several hours or days, and it is likely that the security services will have detected the suspicious activity.

Importance of random number generator

In addition to the apparent application of RNGs for online gambling and creating unpredictable results, a random number generator is also crucial for cryptography. Cryptography keeps off hackers and attackers.

Random numbers are also essential for secure encryption.


Is RNG luck?

Random Number Generator uses an algorithm designed to get as close to random results as possible. But you can be lucky to have a winning streak, and you can as well be unlucky and have a streak of hits.

Can RNG be hacked?

Theoretically Yes! But not many hackers are successful.

How does RNG works at online pokies?

All online pokies or slots machines in casinos utilize the RNG, which generates numbers all the time even when nobody is playing the machines.