The MuchBetter payment option is an award-winning service that is suitable for players to deposit into their account as well as request a deposit from the account.

The service is available at a host of online casinos and in different countries that allow players to bet on casino games online as well.

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The service makes it easy for players to fund their bankroll in order to start their journey to playing casino games for real money.

In this guide you will find the best Muchbetter casinos for New Zealand, information on how to use the service for deposits and withdrawals and useful direct links..

Best Muchbetter online casinos

Info: Best online casinos that accepts Muchbetter deposits and withdrawals!

General MuchBetter facts

Accepted in NZYes
Muchbetter to casino fee?Free
Time to deposit at a casinoInstant
Withdrawal time from casinoUp to 24h
How to add funds?You connect your credit card to your Muchbetter account!
Withdrawal?Yes withdrawals are possible!
Company addressLithuania, J.Balcikonio st.3 LT 08200, Vilnius
Payment typee-wallet & Pay by phone

What is MuchBetter and who invented it?

MuchBetter is one of the most popular payment services that you can use when you play at an online casino.


Aside from that, you can use the service at different stores, either online or in-store.

The service was launched in 2017 and since it was introduced, it has continued to grow in terms of popularity and as it stands, it is an exciting tool for online payment.

This payment service is specifically designed for players in the online gambling industry as it helps to protect players from identity theft and fraud.

The MuchBetter payment option because of its excellent security and wide range of features, it has become online poker players number one banking option.

The service gives players the chance to be flexible with their spending and in the end, continue to get a good playing experience as well.

Aside from making payment at online stores, in-store, casinos and the like, the payment option also lets players send money to their family and friends with ease.

The contactless key fob feature in the service is an interesting option that makes transfer easy for players.

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Why use MuchBetter at an online casino?

The MuchBetter payment option is one of the most interesting ones around the globe.

Even though there is a wide range of payment options that players can choose to use, there is a big reason why choosing MuchBetter can be a better choice than others.

Muchbetter for Gaming
Muchbetter for Gaming

The reason is that this payment option comes with a lot of liberty that many payment services do not offer to players.

In addition to that, the ease of use is another exciting option that helps players to even get better user experience of the payment service.

Getting to use the MuchBetter option gives players the chance to enjoy a lot of exciting playing experience because of the various things that are included.

From the contactless key fob to other exciting features, players will have a host of things to enjoy playing at online casinos.

If you are even lucky and you choose to play at any of the top MuchBetter casinos, you will get to play with different exclusive offers at the casino.

That way, your online gambling journey will become even smoother and better for players to use.

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How to make a deposit and how to make a withdrawal

To use the MuchBetter option to deposit at an online casino is quite easy and straightforward for players, even if they are new to online gambling.

Muchbetter app
Muchbetter app

The first thing you need to do when you want to deposit with MuchBetter is to first download the app on your phone or go online to visit the service’s website.

After that, you will have to create an account on MuchBetter and become a verified account holder there.

Once that is done, you will need to fund the account before you proceed to the casino you want to fund.

Muchbetter deposit at SpinYoo
Muchbetter deposit at SpinYoo

At the casino, you will have to go to the deposit page, which you can do by clicking on the Deposit button and then, choosing MuchBetter as your preferred option.

Then, you can proceed to enter the amount you will like to deposit into your casino account.

As long as you do not have any issue, your casino account will be credit within a minute.

To withdraw, on the other hand, you should go to the cashier page and then, click withdraw.

At the withdrawal page, the next step is to choose MuchBetter and enter the amount to withdraw.

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What is needed to use Muchbetter?

You need a mobile phone, the Muchbetter app and a card that you can connect to the Muchbetter app.

Are there any fees?

There is only a conversion fee!

Using your MuchBetter account:

Usage Method Fee
Transfer to friends (P2P) Free
Receive transfers (P2P) Free
Pay a merchant Free
Transfer from a merchant Free
Request a gift Free
Send a gift Free
Request money from a friend Free
Currency conversion* 0.99 % for conversions between USD/EUR/GBP – FX rates will vary for all other currency conversion including where USD/EUR/GBP is converted to a different currency
Can Kiwis use Muchbetter?

Yes, there are no restrictions for players from New Zealand on the website.